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Detailed plan for beach wedding in Hoi An

You guys are sea lovers. Consider beach wedding in Hoi An. Hoi An is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. With a beautiful natural background, your wedding will be perfect. Your joy will also be more complete. Do you have any plans for the upcoming wedding party? If not, please refer to the following information!


Important factors in beach wedding in Hoi An

Choose a wedding venue at the beach

The selection of ideal venue for beach wedding in Hoi An is based on many different factors. Distance from home to the venue is far or near for your convenience. You should choose a beach suitable for the conditions of two families and guests. If  it is too far away, sometimes guests will not be able to attend the wedding party with you.

An ideal location for beach wedding in Hoi An should be carefully surveyed. Because this is an outdoor wedding, it almost depends on the weather. On the weather, you need to take a look at the previous weather forecast to arrange your wedding day. The terrain needs to be selected quite flat, watch the tide up and down time.

Decorating style

How to decorate the beach wedding in Hoi An without restraint can be exchanged with many styles. You do not have to use accessories related to the sea, but sometimes a vintage wedding, or luxury, can still take place on the beach.


Early in the decoration style will help the bride and groom find suitable wedding accessories. When decorating, you must pay attention to certainty, for example, if you build a flower gate, you need to have a fixed plan because the sea breeze is quite strong and can fly a pillar or small ornament or light.

Choose the right time

In the afternoon, the heat of the sun will be very intense  in some areas. Although you and your partner can endure the hot sunshine of the sea, it is unlikely that your guests will endure it. Especially older guests or children will feel very tired in hot weather. To avoid the heat, choose beach wedding in Hoi An around sunset or early morning.

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Things to do when organizing beach wedding in Hoi An


Make a backup plan

Surely, you will not want your beach wedding in Hoi An to be ruined right before the event but sometimes we will not anticipate the natural situation.

If the weather situation is much more serious, be prepared to have a wedding party at a nearby hotel or resort.

Referring to the beach wedding party is really very romantic, but you should still hire a wedding planner to handle the unforeseen problems in a wedding party at the beach. You may need to hire a venue or license to organize a beach wedding somewhere, or you need someone to handle small matters like table and chairs, sunscreen, etc.

In such factors, it is still much better to have a professional party to support your wedding party.

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