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Is choosing an Vietnam destination wedding party a risky decision?

Beach wedding or wedding party is always one of the first choice of couples looking for professional luxury wedding planners Vietnam. Every couple wants to show their love and their personal style to the wedding. However, the problem of organizing Vietnam destination wedding also makes many couples be concerned and hesitant to make the final decision. The following is our answer to this problem.


Should or should not be held Vietnam destination wedding?

Many couples choose Vietnam destination wedding for the following reasons:

To create a novelty, as there are so many wedding parties held in the restaurant, then why not make your wedding party more special with an open space like holding an Vietnam destination wedding.

Especially the Vietnam destination wedding party will create the intimacy between you and the guests, people will have more space and conditions to talk to each other. Note that Wedding is a fun event, we should create festive atmosphere rather than the atmosphere of procedures and ceremonies.

It is better to organize an Vietnam destination wedding party, which limits the number of guests, about 100-200 guests close to the couple and the family is just enough to beautiful.


In addition, natural light is a great thing that every couple loves to do Vietnam destination wedding because this will give them great photo shoots with natural colors. At the same time, the moments are vividly captured by each photo because the colors & light are recorded at each stage of the day from morning to night.

If you have enough financial resources, the budget for outdoor weddings is not cheap, so you need to determine the amount of money you will not get back, you must be willing to spend everything for the wedding party outdoors.

The cost for a Vietnam destination wedding is usually much higher than for other parties, so the general thinkings of most of us is choosing the center with cheap service. However, cheap services often make things so simple, not quality and can not meet your needs, that will cause a lot of problems. Therefore, you need to identify and select for yourself the wedding planner have prestigious and professional style with the appropriate price.

What are your difficulties when organizing an Vietnam destination wedding?


You also need to pay attention to the weather because the tropical weather in Vietnam is unpredictable, especially in the summer. The season is likely to occur random rains or cold winter in the North.

The budget for Vietnam destination wedding can be very high, especially in large cities in Vietnam, where the land is crowded. We will not have the facilities to host the garden and often looking for at a wedding reception abroad. Therefore, to organize an Vietnam destination wedding, the bridegroom must choose the resort, villa, beach ... and usually these places will have high service charges.

These are two common problems when you decide to organize and perform Vietnam beach wedding decoration. However, if your partner is Bliss Wedding Planner Vietnam, then the problem will be resolved. With the dedication and quality of excellent staff, we hope to be able to help you realize and enjoy your own beach wedding. We will help our couples enjoy their wedding party without having to worry about anything.