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Should a rooftop luxury weddings Vietnam be held?

The rooftop luxury weddings Vietnam is a new and unique idea for today's youth. You will have a beautiful wedding ceremony on the highest space, watching the beautiful night view of the city. To prepare for this wedding, what do you need to prepare? If the rooftop wedding party is your wish for the glorious upcoming wedding, don't wait and plan it now.


Interesting ideas for a rooftop luxury weddings Vietnam

In Vietnam, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, outdoor luxury weddings Vietnam has gradually been getting more attention because the rooftop bar system began to develop. However, in order to organize a wonderful wedding party on the terrace, it is necessary to consider a place that has a rooftop feast like the landscape, space that is suitable for a gentle party or dynamic party ...

Sometimes it can distract you and ignore this kind of new and exciting Vietnam destination wedding ideas.

Choose place

The most special feature when holding luxury weddings Vietnam on the rooftop of high-rise buildings is that guests can admire the sparkling scenery of the city. The wedding space will be more strange and unique, marking the special personality of the bride and groom.

 In the big cities of Vietnam, the bride and groom can choose a restaurant on the upper floors of the hotels, large buildings 20-30 stories high to be the place to hold the wedding.


Prepare unique design ideas

Unique photo line

Tell a sweet love story of two of you with pictures hung on the wire like the picture. Arrange the story in the correct order, your guests will hear your love story through lovely photos.

Cake and candle

If your wedding party theme is luxurious floating colors, use cakes, flowers and candles with the same color to decorate the table, which will create a sparkling, impressive space. Ensuring the idea for luxury weddings Vietnam will make your wedding more sweet.

Current trend of outdoor luxury weddings Vietnam


Organization of outdoor luxury weddings Vietnam will be more economical than organized in restaurants. Items used to decorate the party are usually simple and easy to find. The wedding flower gate of the outdoor party is usually wood, the firewood. On the body of the gate are flowers, thin strips of silk to create a sense of rudeness.

The gallery will be the most special highlight in outdoor wedding decorations. On the table you can decorate beautiful small frames interspersed with colorful flowers or a few small double items that will score in the eyes of the guests.

For the luxury weddings Vietnam especially in the evening, light is an indispensable thing. The light from the lamp strings hung on the fallen branches made the space glow again and added a little romance.

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