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Very beautiful Vietnam beach wedding decoration with cool backdrop

Wedding party decoration is the work to be done meticulously and carefully because this is the most important part of the high-end wedding ceremony. Today, not only can be decorated at home, people can make Vietnam beach wedding decoration or decoration ideas in a high-class restaurant. To complete a unique decoration style, you should go step by step. First, we learn how to decorate an impressive backdrop for this year's wedding season.


Outstanding Vietnam beach wedding decoration with extremely beautiful backrop

The backdrop is an ideal place for couples and guests to capture moments of happy memories. In addition, this is also an indispensable part of Vietnam beach wedding decoration.


Inspired by the life of the liberal, bohemian Vietnam beach wedding decoration become representative of the spirit of freedom, ready to break all rules and habits. Vietnam wedding planners can use quartz crystals, sparkling crystals, elaborate hanging lights or dream catchers to decorate the backdrop.

Spring wedding flower backdrop decoration


The advantage of this decoration is the traditional style, typically in most of the flower-taking weddings. Therefore, you have a variety of different variations to impress your guests. In addition to choosing the main white color for Vietnam beach wedding decoration and backrop, you can also add pink or green colors to create a warm spring scene.

Organic: Simple backdrop with green leaves

The trend of modern wedding party decoration is minimalistic. Minimalists Vietnam beach wedding decoration are increasingly loved by couples. A simple backdrop with green leaves is formed into a porch as a representative of the organic style.

Backrop neon lights

Use LED bulbs or ordinary light bulbs to decorate the evening parties. Nothing can be more romantic than the brilliant candles.

Vietnam beach wedding decoration will be more perfect when the backdrop size is correct


A beautiful wedding backdrop has typically a standard size of 4mx2,5m, this area will be a beautiful backdrop for the number of 8-10 people each time, then everyone will completely stand in Design space of backdrop.

However, depending on the actual conditions that the couple can change the backdrop size accordingly, the couple only needs to note the backdrop width from 3-4m, the backdrop height from 2.2-2.8m It will be safer and more beautiful.

If the cost of Vietnam beach wedding decoration is not much, big backdrop should not be chosen. The larger the wedding backdrop is, the higher cost will be. Making a medium sized backdrop, the couple will need a budget of about 6-8 million for basic decorations.

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