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What color tones for luxury wedding decoration Vietnam in European style?

Before having a romantic and perfect wedding, the bride and groom will be offered a lot of options if there is a cooperation with a prestigious and reputable wedding planner. They can choose Vietnam destination wedding ideas or hold a wedding party in the restaurant. Each of these forms will have a variety of options for styles, colors, locations, dishes, and more depending on the budget that couples can pay for their wedding. The choice of luxury wedding decoration Vietnam in European style is now considered a new trend. Many young people still find out that this style of wedding party brings fashion, class and romance for their perfect wedding. Choosing wedding tones is not easy, you can refer to the following information.


Tone color for luxury wedding decoration Vietnam in European style

To have luxury wedding decoration Vietnam in European style, you need to pay attention to the tone and fresh flowers in the wedding reception. With a European wedding, the number of flowers you have to use 2-3 times more than traditional decor. Decoration space is usually very large. The main decoration can be considerred such as flower gate, wedding table, and chairs decorated with flowers. The path to the stage is often decorated with spreading petals and is decorated with fresh flowers and very elegant bows.

Yellow and blue

If you do not know what color to decorate your luxury wedding decoration Vietnam, then you can try yellow and blue. If you want to stand out your perfect wedding, the combination of yellow and navy blue is not a bad choice. The combination of two colors will show more power and luxury for your wedding. When decorating the wedding table, selecting the blue fabric embroidered yellow flowers will bring amazing effects.


If you have trouble choosing a tablecloth with embroidered flowers, replace it with a yellow tablecloth and tools such as decorative flowers, cups with clear blue color will also have a great alternative. Small details such as jewelry, bracelets, ring of the bride with gold material will also be impressive for the wedding. They both show the personality of the bride and groom's own fashion, bringing both synchronism and professionalism for the big day.

Purple lavender combines the gray color of lilac

Purple is a symbol of luck and prosperity. It is not difficult for you to see many luxury wedding decoration Vietnam have applied purple as the main theme for decorating their wedding banquet. However, if not used delicately, this color tone is easy to become "out of fashion" and lack of elegance.


In Western-style weddings, purple is subtly blended with a lilac-gray color. This gray tinge is neutral, so it will help balance the the brilliance of the violet lavender.

Luxury wedding decoration Vietnam with white color

Luxury wedding decoration Vietnam with white color will bring a romantic and perfect wedding space. The entire wedding space is decorated in pure white color, luxurious and covered with thousands of fresh flowers. White roses look soft and tender. With pure white petals, White roses are beautiful as the love of the bride and groom. In addition, white roses bring aesthetic touch to the party. The meaning of white roses is that it is innocent with a pure love.


With white, you can mix with other colors to create a unique and creative luxury wedding decoration Vietnam. The combination of white in the wedding is diversity. The combination of white and purple is an excellent choice for luxury wedding decoration Vietnam. There is more romance when you choose purple for your wedding day. Especially when combined with the light color of Lavender and pure white. It is this creative combination that will make the wedding feast soothing and even bliss in happiness.

When you want to make Vietnam destination wedding decorations, the combination of white and yellow will highlight the wedding space more than decorating the high-end wedding party in the restaurant.


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