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Decorate a wedding concept - how to celebrate your romantic wedding?

The wedding concept is one of the prominent factor in a wedding decoration. The concepts help you tell your love story, it can even be attached to your memories. In this article, let's get to know you.


How to choose a wedding decoration concept?

Places for meaningful events

Where the two of you first met, where you said your first love or a romantic kiss or the two countries where you were born to meet and exchange a happy life like the "Twilight" wedding of the Tuyen-Anh couple, the cutest and most romantic couple. They met and fell in love in the modern city of Seattle. Image Seattle is taken as the main concept in their wedding decoration ideas.


Or the idea of ​​France, you agree with the other half of a happy married life at the love monument - the Eiffel Tower. From this primitive idea, you can create a photo area that recreates the romantic Eiffel Tower scene with the space surrounding the building, trees. The image of the Eiffel Tower can be embossed with a metallic finish on the delicate minimalism white wedding invitation. For this theme, the tables and chairs and the banquet space can be decorated in an ancient way with luxurious materials. All the details will create a wedding decoration space in a luxurious and romantic European wedding concept.

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The elegant and modern wedding concept

The combination of white and the shades of green shows the elegance for your wedding. If you want to add a little more modern ideas, you can choose from brown or purple with the above two colors.

This is a beautiful wedding concept suitable for spring weather when everything is still green. Moreover, you should use soft white muslin fabric to make the party bow. As for tablecloths, use saffron satin to highlight the menu printed on the silver paper background.

The factor contributing to an elegant wedding party is the delicate colors and luxurious accessories. You can display the pure white flower vase, or white with a little extra green on the table.

Wedding decoration agency

Vietnam wedding planner - Bliss also provides impressive decoration concepts, catching up with new trends at home and abroad to offer professional support services to make each event the most perfect.

We are proud to be a companion that creates hundreds of beautiful, unique, and impressive weddings across the city each year. If you are looking for a decoration agency for your wedding, please contact us immediately to experience the best service.

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