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3 simple steps to decorate the gallery in the wedding party

The gallery is always a "highlight" that is loved by many people in the wedding space and is also the area that many couples focus on. To make the gallery table area in your wedding reception very impressive, beautiful and different from other weddings, you can refer to Bliss's sharing on preparing the gallery table for your wedding.

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Decorate the gallery table in the wedding party with just 3 steps

Step 1: Choose a style and main color tone.

It can be said that the gallery table is like a romantic "love story" to be able to preserve the sweet and happy moments of the bride and groom with their loved ones and friends during the wedding ceremony. So choosing the right style and main color for the gallery table is extremely important when you want to decorate them yourself in your wedding party.

Step 2: Come up with an idea

After you have chosen the style and the main color tone, let's immediately start brainstorming ideas for your gallery table. To make the idea clear and convenient for implementation, you should draw out the ideas for arranging your accessories on paper. This will help you visualize the gallery table at your upcoming wedding and will know exactly how many accessories to buy.


Step 3: Combine and arrange accessories

The final step in the process of preparing the gallery table for the wedding party is to combine and arrange the accessories to make them more harmonious and beautiful. You just need to carefully combine and cleverly arrange the prepared accessories to be sure, you will immediately have an extremely impressive reception table.

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Good suggestions to choose the right color for the wedding party

Do not use too many colors.

In a wedding space, you should only choose simple colors and usually only choose from 3 to 4 colors. You should not use too many colors because this will distract the guests and your wedding will lack an important highlight.


The advice for you is that you should only decorate with different shades of light to create depth for the party.

You can keep up to date with the trendy color trends of the year through magazines or wedding websites to be able to choose the most suitable wedding colors. However, you should choose colors that are according to the preferences of the two people, not the trendy colors. The advice for you is to choose simple, gentle colors and especially can find them in everyday life.

Just 3 simple steps to decorate the gallery table and suggestions on how to choose the right color in the wedding party that you can take to be able to bring an impressive reception table for your wedding party. You can also refer to Bliss Wedding Event in HCM - a luxury wedding planners Vietnam with an impressive gallery table according to the information below!