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Ideal wedding location for beach wedding in Vietnam

Beach wedding in Vietnam will help you enjoy the romantic wedding in the extremely beautiful scenery of the beach, where there are blue sea, white sand and red orange sunset. Have you planned your beach wedding? Which location will you choose in Vietnam for beach weddings and which wedding planner should be your companion? Find out this information through the following article!


Romantic beach weddings at the ideal wedding venue in Vietnam

Are you looking for an ideal venue for beach wedding in Vietnam? Here is a suggestion for you:

Luxury beach wedding on yacht in Halong Bay

Only under VND100 million, you can hold beach wedding in Vietnam on the yacht in Halong Bay for 20 family members and close friends.

Many couples have chosen to celebrate on the deck of yacht with scenic Halong Bay "backgroud", enjoy romantic dinner, playing games, and dancing. This special wedding is no longer a "specialty" for a foreign couple. You should also consider the place and the form of wedding ceremony that is unique to you.


Romantic beach wedding in Phu Quoc

Beach wedding in Vietnam at Phu Quoc Island are the most popular wedding on the beach. It is not flashy yet beautiful, luxurious, simple, and cozy. In addition, Phu Quoc has many restaurants, hotels, and beautiful resort views. You can both book a resort, you can organize a small or big wedding. Depending on the budget you can spend on your wedding party, you will organize an outdoor wedding party with the decoration style you want in Phu Quoc.

Gorgeous destination wedding in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is the "paradise" for beach wedding in Vietnam at the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Nha Trang Beach is famous for its clear blue color such as jade, white and clear sandy beaches, waves and light winds that will create an impressive backdrop for every wedding party, accompanied by good service for visitors.

Why need to cooperate with wedding planner for beach wedding in Vietnam?


Hiring a beach for a beach wedding in Vietnam in major coastal cities is not a simple job.

In addition, the wedding decoration problems will take you a lot of time if you have never experienced. Bliss Wedding Planner Vietnam – one of the most professional Vietnam wedding coordinators will provide you with professional wedding decorators to help you understand the meaning of wedding flowers, decoration style, even the decoration budget that suits your wishes. The complex stage of wedding party decoration then has Bliss Wedding Planner Vietnam take care of it. You just come to your favorite beach and completely enjoy your beach wedding in Vietnam.