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Sharing the experience of organizing destination wedding in Da Nang

Destination wedding in Da Nang is a new trend in recent years. In Danang, there are many famous resorts or restaurants that own private beaches - suitable for weddings. If you have loved this wedding form and chose Da Nang as the place for that important event, then plan to prepare for the perfect wedding party in Danang right away!


What should be prepared to successfully organize a destination wedding in Da Nang?

Prepare a budget for a destination wedding in Da Nang

How much does it cost to organize a destination wedding in Da Nang? There is no correct answer to this question. However, a detailed plan will help you know what the specific spending is.

Funds greater than 200 million vnd is the number that many couples have organized beach weddings to share. With this number, the number of guests ranged from 50 - 100 people is reasonable.

Cooperation with professional wedding planner

A destination wedding in Da Nang with a few hundred guests will not have much unintended work. However, the weather factor is a big problem in this type of wedding reception.

When there are Vietnam beach wedding planner, couples and families will be less busy. If you plan to organize and decorate the beach wedding party, you should seriously consider the wedding planner service because the professional beach party organizers will take care of checking the location and making sure everything happens exactly as you want.

Finally, the couple decided to get married and also need wedding planner to arrange everything smoothly in the shortest time.

Contingency plan


Let’s discuss with the wedding planner of your destination wedding in Da Nang and predict possible situations and prepare precautions. It is necessary to list everything for prevention.

Sometimes, the calculator is not arbitrary, so prepare the plan B beforehand. You must work with the wedding planner on this backup plan for the destination wedding in Da Nang. The change in weather is unavoidable if the wedding party is held outdoors. Prepare a indoor space where the party can be complete if it is rain suddenly.


Depending on specific conditions and circumstances, couples can choose the perfect destination wedding in Da Nang venue by referring to the following factors:

- Step 1: Choose the outdoor space you dream of. You want to organize completely at the beach or conduct wedding ceremonies at the beach and party in the restaurant?

- Step 2: After conducting the selection of the form, you need to continue further detailed analysis. For example, are you planning to have a beach wedding party, so which beach would you choose: destination wedding in Da Nang, Nha Trang, Cua Lo or Phan Thiet?

- Step 3: Identify exactly an address where you will rent accommodation as well as partying.

The ideal beach wedding venue in Danang


Fusion Maia

Fusion Maia is one of the resorts not only offering pure relaxation services, which is also known as a place to specialize in holding wedding parties with traditional wedding ceremony or beach wedding ceremony and destination wedding in Da Nang.

If you are a nature lover, it is possible to have a party at the beach. With all the design ideas of your choice and experienced staff, your destination wedding in Da Nang will be assisted in the preparation and organization. You can organize a beach wedding with 100, 50 or 20 guests, around the resort's common pool, garden in the spa or in the Grand beach villa. The delicious food here also helps you get a warm, perfect and more secure wedding day.

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

The hotel has two swimming pools, a private beach and a range of activities including lantern lessons and trips to Hoi An - ancient town - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can organize an intimate destination wedding in Da Nang or hold a beach wedding party with 200 guests. In addition, you can choose for yourself a beach wedding venue, a 700-meter pristine beach, a Palm Groves tropical garden, a 1888 La Maison restaurant, Heritage Courtyard or The Auditorium. Summit.

This is definitely the best venue for your destination wedding in Da Nang and luxury wedding decoration Vietnam.