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Recommended Vietnam destination wedding venues in Ho Chi Minh

Outdoor wedding decorations in Ho Chi Minh are gradually becoming a popular choice today. Instead of treating at restaurants or enclosed spaces, you can consider the Vietnam destination wedding venues to create an open space and feel comfortable as well as suited to your preferences.


4 Vietnam destination wedding venues in Ho Chi Minh

Thao Dien Village

With a great location along the Saigon River, Thao Dien Village seems to be the first choice for couples who love romantic romance. The Vietnam destination wedding venue in Ho Chi Minh overlooks the cool river, green carpets, and design style in harmony with nature, all will bring a space Green, peaceful, close, and very different for a wedding party.

Castle - 6 Phan Van Chuong, Tan Phu, District 7

View of the large swimming pool and colorful architecture, the Vietnam destination wedding venue stands out and offer the great impression for customer. It is the first word mentioned when mentioning Tajmasago Castle and even more impressed with the outdoor party space.

With a capacity of 150-200 guests, couples can also choose a semi-outdoor party (covered outdoor party) with an equally unique style - flexible choice and a perfect backup plan for an outdoor party when it rains


Tan Cang wedding restaurant - A100 Ung Van Khiem, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District

Located next to the foot of the Saigon Bridge, an area stretching along the banks of the Saigon River and accommodating over 300 people, Tan Cang helps couples alleviate worries about a large number of guests for outdoor parties.

Compared with Thao Dien Village, Tan Cang has a larger area, and be more economical. In addition, the restaurant also has many special promotions such as booking more than 10 tables with incentives included.

This is also one of the remarkable destination wedding venues for couples.

Capella Gallery Hall

Wedding Center Capella Gallery Hall located on 3/2, District 10 is now considered the  best choice for outdoor weddings because it not only has a convenient location for the moving and traveling of guests also be the best wedding reception space.

Decorating an outdoor wedding at Capella Gallery Hall, you will have the opportunity to hold a party while watching and admiring the entire prosperous Saigon space. Capella Gallery Hall, in particular, is also the leading menu in the wedding decoration trend, so it will definitely serve all needs and styles of decoration according to couples.

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Decorating a perfect destination wedding in Ho Chi Minh

With more than 7 years of experience, Bliss is always proud to be one of the leading Wedding Planners accompanying couples in consulting, planning, organizing, and decorating outdoor weddings in Ho Chi Minh. With passion and a continuous learning spirit, Bliss is constantly updating the latest wedding ceremony trends from many countries around the world to add color to Vietnamese weddings.

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