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Why do Vietnam beach weddings become new wedding trends?

The Vietnam beach weddings has recorded many good imprints in the couple who are about to marry. If they can prepare everything perfectly, they will prioritize the Vietnam destination wedding ideas. There are many reasons to make this form of wedding party a throne. Let's take a look at some of those reasons. Next, you know what? We should plan to organize and decorate right away, don't keep up!


Enjoy the perfect Vietnam beach weddings space

Many couples now choose to organize Vietnam beach weddings because of the simplicity, the way that is extremely romantic.. With beach weddings, couples easily express their style and make their own mark for their wedding.

With sunshine, blue sea, poetic scenery, open space, and close to nature, the bride and groom do not have to squeeze in the procedures and ritual frameworks as it does for the wedding party in a restaurant. This will create the bride and groom as well as guests with new and comfortable feelings.

However, it is not easy to organize Vietnam beach weddings like a dream. The bride and groom must have a detailed plan and a small budget, because the majority of weddings on the beach are held very shimmering, requiring the help of the Vietnam wedding planners. Spending on wedding plans, venue and accommodation ... is very expensive.


A number of beach wedding styles proposed for you:

Royal luxurious style.

Royal - dressed in royal, noble and luxurious style with pearl ornaments, sparkling crystal candles, creating an impressive grandiose party. Royal will make you a princess - a fairy prince in the real world, satisfied with a true wedding ceremony.

Sweet Vietnam beach weddings with pink

Love is associated with sweet, romantic moments. Pink rose - gentle as a petal, contains the beauty of elegance and elegance that brings a sense of peace and happiness. Love Paradise is an especially important "character" for your two days to be perfect. It is also the message of joy, harmony and luck.

The highlights needed when decorating the Vietnam beach weddings


Hall wedding

If you organize Vietnam beach weddings and pick up the sunrise or sunset at sea, don't forget to streamline your guests' seats and hall wedding with the beach space. Don't make everyone too dazzled or tired of sun exposure.

Use flowers as the main ornament for hall wedding.

Decorative lights

You can decorate a high-end // with Chipsbling lights (very small bulbs, shiny balls), fairy lights (bulbs bigger than chipsbling lights), Globe string lights (made of glass), curtain lights (like fairy lights but hanging upright). The lights will help you get your wedding space sparkling and romantic as expected.

Let’s be with Bliss Wedding Planner Vietnam to create a perfect beach wedding!