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The most impressive wedding decoration styles in 2021

Wedding decoration has gradually become an indispensable thing for couples to make an indelible mark for their big day. With a beautiful and well-decorated space, it not only shows respect to the guests but also shows the special love message that the couple wants to send on their happy day. Let's take a look at the trends to capture the attention of the bride and groom in 2021 with Bliss - wedding decoration in saigon.


RETRO and VINTAGE style – The trend of nostalgic beauty

It can be said that Retro and Vintage styles are two classic styles that young people and parents love in recent times. Retro and Vintage trends are actually two separate styles that people easily mistake for one.

Retro is a term used since the 1960s of the 20th century to describe styles that appeared in the past. Bringing a bold style of nostalgia but no less modern. Bright and bold colors are the hallmark of Retro style. With this style, we will choose new vintage items, not secondhand items like Vintage. Retro is a break with a combination of bold colors or warm, soft pastel colors and specialized furniture that will have a unique and strong expression of its own shapes.


If Retro is a bit modern, Vintage style is nostalgic and old from 20 to 100 years ago. Items used for decoration in the Vintage style will bear the stamp of time and are often reused. The main color gamut of the Vintage style is gentle, elegant, and usually white and light colors such as cream, beige, nude, light yellow.

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BOHEMIAN decoration style – Liberal, free, and full of life

Bohemian style is loved by everyone because of its liberality and originality not only in fashion but also in decoration. Inspired by the free nomadic style and expressed through items such as dreamcatcher, lace, and brocade motifs…


This will be a disruptive choice for couples if they want their big day to be unique and new. The open-air outdoor space will be the most ideal to hold a Boho wedding in combination with bright lights that are turned on when it is dusk.

Dreamcatchers with warm yellow light will be a delicate choice to bring a romantic and cozy space. Colors in Bohemian often have no rules and are simply a harmonious combination of your favorite colors with a hint of rustic brown symbolizing nature.

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