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Have a unique luxury wedding in HCM with Western-style stories

Having a unique luxury wedding in HCM is one of the most important things to enjoy the perfect wedding. Choosing the companies that will help you plan the perfect wedding is a great choice while modern brides and grooms are becoming extremely busy. In this article, stay with Bliss to learn about one of the most popular wedding styles.


Organize a unique luxury wedding in HCM

Organize a unique luxury wedding in HCM with an impressive "wedding concept"

In recent years, with the organization of a unique wedding party, many new terms have emerged, in which, wedding concept is an example. It is also known as the main idea that goes through a wedding reception. The wedding concept will take materials from the meaningful details of the young couple's love journey. It is the inspiration to design invitations, wedding photos, search for the venue as well as the decoration style. Wedding ideas can be drawn up by the creation of the bride and groom or professional wedding planner to convey a beautiful love story.


Get a unique luxury wedding in HCM in Western-style with fabric tents

Spring is the most appropriate time to hold a wedding due to a warm climate, neither too cold as winter nor too hot like summer. However, in the spring, it often drizzles, making it difficult to organize a destination wedding.

A unique wedding ceremony in Ho Chi Minh is for those looking for timeless beauty and sophistication for their wedding day. This style should be full of elegance, meticulousness, and sophistication, away from overworked details. A wedding with high-grade porcelain, high candlesticks, pretty small textured tablecloths, and a carefully selected color palette will give you a classic touch.

Customers should choose silk ribbons with pastel colors such as pale pink, turquoise, purple, and more because of their high luminosity. When combined with led lights, it will create a sparkling, magical feeling like a fairy. With the decorative style of cloth tent, you have a gentle, delicate, and romantic wedding like in Western fairy tales.

Instead of using tarpaulins with raw materials, the romance of the wedding will be lost; Couples should choose fabric decorations. The silk ribbons squeezed onto the stretch frame will bring a soft, flowing feeling, making the wedding space more cozy and romantic.


Have a unique luxury wedding in HCM

There are many plans to contribute to a unique luxury wedding in HCM. But when they have an idea of ​​a wedding day, young couples should choose a reliable place to realize their wishes. Instead of being busy preparing, enjoy a moment fully with the help of new and modern technology applications, like Bliss - the best wedding planner in Ho Chi Minh City.

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