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How to organize an impressive outdoor wedding?

If you want to have an impressive destination wedding, please refer to the following Bliss suggestions. We are experts in the wedding planning industry. Together with a team of talented staff, we will help you enjoy the happiest and warmest wedding.


Important notes when organizing outdoor weddings

When planning a destination wedding, choose an area like the kitchen, so that the guests don't get spread out and feel out of place. When you use a large space, break down the areas to create a more intimate space for the guests.

Accessibility - Whether you're having a wedding on the beach or in the field, you need to choose an easily accessible place for elderly guests or the disabled. You should add signage so that guests can see and know the locations of areas such as reception or restrooms.

Decorate Style - When planning a unique Vietnam destination wedding decorations, consider the day's schedule. You should use the entire time frame for the wedding from before the ceremony to after the reception. In addition, decorate the perfect wedding reception area in the style you want. Do not leave too many moving objects at outdoor parties.


Weather and temperature - Time is more important than everything, especially when it's hot. If you want to hold an outdoor ceremony, remember the hottest part of the day is usually 1-3 pm. Try and schedule the start of the ceremony after that time frame so that the sun is not too strong for the guests.

Permits - Don't forget to get a permit at your local city park or park and beach weddings if needed. Also, inquire about alcohol, music, garbage collection, candle lighting, rental, and fee policies.

Outdoor wedding party light


Outdoor lighting is the key to a wedding that lasts at night and can set the mood for the guests. If you can use the string/bulb lighting system to light up the romantic wedding space.

Note: Running a residential power cord from a house or building will not have enough electricity to sustain food, band/DJ, music, and lighting services. Make sure the area is equipped with an adequate power source that does not make any noise. Do not lose power continuously in the evening!

Please contact Vietnam wedding planner Bliss, we will help you organize a perfect outdoor wedding.

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