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Suggestions for wedding decoration areas

Most wedding couples will not only have to pay attention to the reception at the restaurant, but they also have to pay attention to the traditional Vietnamese wedding. There are 3 very important positions that you need to pay special attention to the door of the house, the altar of the ancestors, the place to hold the ceremony, and to set up the area to invite guests. Let's find out more details about the important areas to decorate when preparing the wedding party with Bliss!

What areas need decoration when preparing for the wedding ceremony?


Flower gate decoration:

The first detail put into the eyes of the guests attending is nowhere else than the flower gate to welcome guests. Usually, the bride and groom will often choose a silk flower gate with a moderate cost but effective and beautiful. If the cost is higher, choosing a fresh flower gate will be much more beautiful. For weddings in the countryside, many couples take advantage of available materials such as bamboo or bamboo, coconut leaves, and areca leaves to create wedding gates bearing the style of their homeland.

Decorating the ancestral altar:

In any region, no matter how rich or poor they are, they must prepare a decent ancestral altar for the bride and groom to do marriage ceremony in front of the ancestor altar. Before the day of the organization, the altar of the ancestors must be swept, cleaned and the altar will be decorated elaborately with lights, candles..


Decorating the space of the ceremony:

The simplest is to buy red or pink ribbons to hang in the house and in the middle of the house hang a lantern in the shape of a young couple or the word happy. At the window, the stairs should hang more flower clusters to make the indoor space more prominent as wedding concept.

Set up a theater for guests to sit: Most families will choose to set up a theater to receive guests at their doorstep. The current wedding tarpaulin templates are also very diverse and quite beautiful to suit the requirements of young people.


Bliss will be your wedding companion

Bliss with the strength of experience of a team full of capabilities, professional style, and serious working spirit creates for you the most unique wedding decoration styles.

Young human resources have endless creativity and multi-style artistic taste.

The investment in creative staff as well as professional equipment system.

Bliss will bring to customers not only job satisfaction but also trust and long-term cooperation. Classy and different, at Bliss Wedding Planner & Event you will have dream Vietnam weddings with your own style because you deserve it.

Above is the sharing about the location that you need to decorate to prepare for the wedding as well as the strength of Bliss. If you have any problems, please contact us immediately for the most enthusiastic advice.

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