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Organizing a romantic Vietnam destination wedding with the beauty of Phu Quoc

Whether twenty or thirty-year-old girls or fifty or sixty-year-old lady, the nature of a girl who loves romantic and elegant things is always retain. And regardless of age, all the girls or ladies deserve to feel like a beautiful and exuberant princess on their wedding day. What will make you feel like a princess on a wedding day? It is a splendid wedding dress, the majestic and poetic scene, and the majestic banquet. The beauty of Phu Quoc and the center wedding organization will help you to enjoy the feeling when choosing this place to organizing a romantic Vietnam destination wedding.


Which places in Phu Quoc should be chosen as the ideal venue for Vietnam destination wedding?

Your wedding party will be perfect if you choose the venue for the Vietnam destination wedding.

Romantic wedding at the beach Ông Lang

The Vietnam destination wedding in Phu Quoc can not miss Ong Lang beach. The beauty of Ong Lang beach is not inferior to the beauty of the other beach in Phu Quoc. Ong Lang Beach will bring you more beautiful wedding film and wedding photos as these in the movie, even beautiful as in the legend. Ong Lang Beach is suitable for private, intimate and cozy weddings. Not afraid of being disturbed and here as separated from the hustle and bustle outside the world. Your dream wedding will be continued at Ong Lang beach.


When organizing a Vietnam destination wedding at Ong Lang Beach, you can be worried about Vietnam beach wedding decoration because of its natural beauty, Ong Lang Beach will give you the most beautiful decorations that no one can create or replace.

"Majestic" wedding with Tranh Stream

To Phu Quoc, you and your partner will be surprised by the beauty of Tranh Stream. Next to the stream form a mysterious cave with beautiful and strange stalactites. Around the stream, there are flowers, mountains, forests, oil paintings, perhaps called Tranh Stream (Tranh in Vietnamese language means paintings). This is one of the tourist attractions to Phu Quoc.


Many couples choose Tranh Stream as the wedding venue. Between June and October, Suoi Tranh will be filled, and Suoi Tranh is the most beautiful and magnificent. This time is ideal for visitors to visit and explore the beauty of Suoi Tranh and choose Suoi Tranh as the place to organize the Vietnam destination wedding.

The wedding photos and movies created on Suoi Tranh will contribute to make beautiful memories of your wedding.

Why should choose Phu Quoc as the place to hold an outdoor wedding?


Your wedding will have many styles of wedding beach decor. Depending on the budget that you can spend on your Vietnam destination wedding, you will be hosting an outdoor wedding with the style of decoration you want. The wedding ceremony in Phu Quoc Island is the best wedding on the beach. This wedding will be not flashy but beautiful, luxurious, simple, and cozy. In addition, Phu Quoc also has many restaurants, hotels, resorts with beautiful view. You can just book a room, and hold a small or large wedding.


 When you need a high-grade wedding party for your destination wedding in Phu Quoc, you should choose a reputable beach wedding planner who have years of experience in holding a beach wedding in Danang. The experienced planner such as Bliss Wedding Vietnam will help you to minimize the trouble of arranging wedding parties such as limited budget, insects, the time of the wedding party, menus, decorations, and more. With the experience of holding a wedding party and a team of talented staff, Bliss Wedding Vietnam promises to bring you a dream wedding as you have dreamed since childhood. Nothing can stop you from coming to your perfect wedding when you go with Bliss Wedding Vietnam.