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Which are wedding styles popular for a luxury wedding decoration Vietnam?

Luxury wedding decoration Vietnam is a very important issue for every wedding. The style of the wedding will show the personality, class and aesthetics of the bride and groom. When you choose to hold a high-end wedding party in the restaurant, the wedding banquet decor will be more sophisticated even if the design of the restaurant itself is subtle enough. While holding a outdoor wedding party, decorating the wedding party will be simple task but the weather is worrying. However, these problems will be completely solved by Vietnam professional wedding planners who is anxious to help you. The thing you need to do now is to refer to the most up-to-date wedding decorating styles for luxury wedding decoration Vietnam and choose the best one to recommend for the wedding planner.


Luxury wedding decoration Vietnam with 3 styles in 2018


This luxury wedding decoration Vietnam seems to be intended for couples who are liberal, free, and want to renew themselves. Crown, fresh flowers, macrame curtain, dreamcatcher ... are the decorations usually seen at this wedding. You can choose colorful tablecloths, fresh flowers with vibrant colors to create the characteristic of boho style. This style will promote its maximum beauty when holding an outdoor wedding in one of the best wedding beaches Vietnam.

Elegant style


Luxury wedding decoration Vietnam applied in a luxurious and elegant wedding will be featured in the main colors, selections and arrangements of flowers and accessories in the wedding ceremony.

Using the same colors for the most of wedding flowers and accessories will give you a similarity in design. Besides this Luxury wedding decoration Vietnam will show the elegance, luxury but outstanding and impressive highlights.

In terms of color, you should choose the color is the main color: white, silver, bronze, light gold. You should choose white candles, silver or bronze candles to add color to your wedding elegance.

Rustic - rustic


The most up-to-date luxury wedding decoration Vietnam are very popular in Asia, but are inspired by the West. Wood is Rustic's main decorative material. This style is prominent and charming thanks to the decorative accessories used are the recycled materials, old appliances. All this aim to tell a love story that has been through many challenges. However, Rustic luxury wedding decoration Vietnam still brings modern breath, close to nature, romantic and luxurious. Candles and interwoven flowers will spontaneously create a wedding fairy space. Rustic style will live up to the time for creative and nostalgic couples in the 2018 wedding season.

Elegant wedding decor with vibrant colors in the garden


Luxury wedding decoration Vietnam in the garden is still the wedding highlighted style that many people choose. Garden is the warmest place to hold a happy and cozy wedding with relatives and close friends. The choice of colors of the modern day increasingly diverse. Not only are they wrapped in traditional tones, many brides and grooms are fond of youthful colors and brightly colored combinations to make the wedding beautiful and vibrant. Some of the colors used in luxury wedding decoration Vietnam are yellow, orange, pink, blue sky combined with the green of the grass. Especially if in summer, a colorful wedding space will harmonize with outdoor space.


This wedding can be applied on a small scale, guests are close friends. You can substitute salads with sweet treats, cocktails and the venue can take place in a cafe or a small restaurant or gardens.

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