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How to celebrate the perfect garden luxury weddings Vietnam?

The Vietnam destination wedding offers you many creative options such as luxury weddings Vietnam beside the pool, on the beach, at the garden or on the terrace of the high-rise building. Each form will give you a unique and creative wedding space. But overall, all will bring a cool and spacious venue for your wedding. Are you preparing to organize a garden wedding party? Please refer to the following ideas to make a perfect luxury weddings Vietnam as expected!


The issues of garden luxury weddings Vietnam need focusing

Garden luxury weddings Vietnam is a new trend, with modern colors, suitable for dynamic young people who want to marry will be an unforgettable special occasion.

To have a perfect outdoor wedding party, you need to keep in mind the following:

Consider weather forecasting: If you want to organize a destination luxury weddings Vietnam, avoid getting married in the rainy season.

Should pay attention to keep warm for cold days or places with high winds such as beaches, high mountains.

Consider carefully your service packages of luxury wedding decoration Vietnam and current financial conditions to choose the best service for you.

Risk prevention plan


Garden luxury weddings Vietnam will not be able to avoid unexpected things, so having a planned plan is essential.

Prepare parking area

Whether the scale of the wedding is big or small, you also need to arrange a place for guests to park. If the space of the garden is not enough for guests to park the car, you should find out if some places such as hotels, neighboring restaurants have rented yard or not.

Rent mobile toilets

You should consider hiring a portable toilet if there is no toilet around the garden wedding party. This not only helps the guest to be comfortable but also helps your spouse not to fall into awkward situations when waiting for the toilet.

Some not-to-do things for garden luxury weddings Vietnam


There is no contingency plan if bad weather is encountered

Although renting tents is quite expensive, this is a necessary job when you want to organize a perfect garden luxury weddings Vietnam. Your wedding can still happen normally if it is hot or rainy.

Do not prepare generators

When planning a wedding reception in the garden, you should prepare a generator in case of a sudden power outage. No one wants to enjoy a musical performance with only one song and no background music.

Select inappropriate decoration items

For example, if you want to organize garden luxury weddings Vietnam in the summer, you should choose long-lasting flowers  such as orchids, hydrangeas or roses. It is suitable for our summer weather.

Come to Bliss Wedding Planner Vietnam when you would like to enjoy the luxury weddings Vietnam at the garden, beside pool, on the beach or in the rooftop. We are always ready to help you enjoy the most beautiful wedding.

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