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The best venues for the destination wedding in Nha Trang

Nha Trang warmly welcomes the couples with their romantic natural beauty. Being famous as one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, Nha Trang also owns many outdoor wedding venues such as restaurants, resorts, ... If you once fell in love with Nha Trang from the first glance, you should choose Nha Trang as a witness to the results of your sweet love. In planning destination wedding in Nha Trang

, the second step after the cost estimate is to select the venue. With all the choices that Nha Trang sends to you, you can choose a shortlist for yourself. Here is a shortlist of Bliss Wedding Vietnam sent to you to help you decide to choose a venue for your destination wedding in Nha Trang more easily.



The outdoor wedding venue in Nha Trang can not be ignored

Resort Amiana, Nha Trang

On January 24th, designer Adrian Anh Tuan with his lover has chosen a beautiful resort called Amiana as a place to hold his luxury weddings Vietnam. Not far from Nha Trang city center, Amiana - one of the most famous resorts in Nha Trang nestled in a peaceful oasis with beautiful blue sea and smooth white sand. This place is extremely suitable for those who want to organize destination wedding in Nha Trang in the quiet and intimate atmosphere. Adrian shared, "Since both of us love the sea, there are many different choices, but luckily find a nice resort and private bay in the beautiful and romantic Nha Trang. The couple choose this place for wedding. "


 Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang

Located in the most beautiful location on Hon Tre Island of Nha Trang Bay, Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang has 84 coastal villas for the bride-groom to choose to host their destination wedding in Nha Trang. With the beauty available in Vinpearl, you do not need to spend too much effort on wedding decorations to have a perfect beach wedding in Vietnam. After the wedding, you and your spouse can stay here to enjoy the honeymoon. In addition to looking at the sea and enjoying the poetic beauty, couples can start on a journey full of fun and improvisation on the wave surface with luxury yachts Aquabus 44 luxury Vinpearl. Over-water Spa, where you can relax soul on the blue sea, listen to the waves and feel the gentle aroma of the spa treatment done with the heart.



Hon Tam Eco Green Resort

Hon Tam Eco Green Resort is an ideal venue for destination wedding in Nha Trang . Everyone can enjoy the fresh air, green trees, sandy beaches and clear blue sea here. In addition to the natural scenery, you can visit the ancient house, clean vegetable garden, participate in water games such as diving or tennis, yoga here on the honeymoon. When choosing Eco Green Resort as an outdoor wedding venue, you will spend the night in a romantic room, romantic dinner, beach wedding flower gate, pre-wedding massage, wedding ceremony on the balloon , piano during the ceremony and more.



Costs to consider when organizing an outdoor wedding

When organizing a destination wedding in Nha Trang is your choice, then you need to worry about the wedding budget. The costs you should pay attention include:

  • Venue: The cost of renting the venue will vary depending on the location and time of the event. You need to investigate and find the right place for your budget.
  • Wedding Party Decoration: With this part, you should hire a wedding planner to take care of the whole. Decorating the hall, arranging tables and chairs, decorating items and sound, lighting and more will spend a lot of time, and you will not have enough time to do this by yourself.
  • Banquet costs: You should choose a local restaurant to get the right menu. Or through a wedding planner to find the best supplier.
  • Other expenses: photographers' fees, cost of accommodation for guests, costumes, makeup, ...


For fast and efficient budget wedding planning, you are supposed to choose a reliable wedding planner. Bliss Wedding Vietnam hopes to become your first choice in hosting your destination wedding in Nha Trang. With many years of experience in this field and organized over hundreds of large and small outdoor wedding parties throughout Vietnam Wedding venues, Bliss Wedding Vietnam will bring you the perfect wedding.