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How to celebrate a cradle party decoration economically and optimally?

A cradle party decoration is an important occasion for your child's first birthday. If you don't have time to prepare, how can you do to get the perfect party for your child? Please consider our service package which is one of the most reasonable options! In the article, please join Bliss – the  best event agency in Vietnam to find out about you.


A perfect cradle party decoration

Some beautiful and impressive party decorations

If you want to decorate the cradle party by yourself, you should also refer to some of the decorations below to make the party more majestic, cozy, and lively.

Decorative cradle party decoration pattern for girls

Decorating a party for girls, fathers and mothers should choose a pink and blue party that will highlight and suit girls. In addition, fathers and mothers should choose items such as balloons, cream cakes, and pink hats.

Decorative pattern only cradle party for boys


For a crib party for boys, you should choose the blue color. This is, the color gamut is the most chosen by fathers and mothers in 2019. A baby boy's cradle meal is indispensable for accessories such as balloons, glitter, superman hats, cake, and more.

Cradle party decoration is simple but beautiful and meaningful

When you manually decorate the banquet table for children, it is the time when parents send their love to their children, when the mother remembers how to bring children to come to this world, and when Dad touched the first moment of holding the baby in his arms. Now that the child is 1 year old, this party will be decorated by parents by themselves beautifully to wish their beloved children many blessings and beautiful things.

A simple cradle decoration party table is indispensable for the necessary accessories such as a picture frame with funny pictures of your baby from birth to 1 year old. Flowers that both decorate the party table more vividly and beautifully and bring a good meaning to the baby are also a must. And of course, the baby and his little friends will love it when there are many beautiful cupcakes on the table or the candy that looks delicious.

Come up with ideas to decorate the cot for your baby before buying all kinds of cradle party decoration accessories.

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A prestigious cradle party decoration agency



The services of Bliss are available for decoration of banquet halls at restaurants and private houses, decoration of outdoor parties, gallery tables for rent, party accessories, and more. You can choose full or partial decoration services depending on your budget and plans. Luxury sparkling party, aristocratic vintage, or special-themed decor are all possible with Bliss's experience.

In general, the decor here is about the gentle and simple combination of small beautiful objects and natural flowers. The delicate combination in every small detail with the mind and the ingenuity will give you a unique cradle party that is not easy to "touch" with anyone.

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