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How to choose suitable colors in the wedding flower decoration?

Fresh flower decoration is one of the most loved wedding decoration themes by couples. Fresh flower decoration always gives us the most luxurious and romantic special space for the big day. Today's article, Bliss will share with you how to choose and combine colors in floral decoration.

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How to choose and combine colors in the wedding flower decoration?

Wedding flower decorations are a very diverse theme in terms of styles and colors. Depending on decorative ideas and different styles, you can choose and combine flowers of different colors and sizes.

Choosing which flowers, colors and scents will create unique combinations of the space with special features and symbols for the wedding day. Normally, for weddings decorated with the theme of fresh flowers, you should choose gentle tones to easily combine with other materials.


Flowers at the entrance gate will usually be large flowers and have a stronger color than the flowers at the banquet table to impress when looking at the wedding reception.

When decorating fresh flowers, you should also combine other decorative accessories to create highlights as well as make the space more lively. Suitable accessories are often combined with fresh flowers such as led strip lights, silk fabric, ribbons, glitter, candles and more.


Fresh flower decoration service

Fresh flower decoration is a premium and expensive service, so you need to have a careful selection in the implementation unit to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the decoration. To do this, fresh flower decoration requires and requires professionalism and creativity from the organizers. Bliss – one of the best Vietnam wedding planners is proud to be the prestigious, quality wedding flower decoration address you are looking for.

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